Everything Flows, Nothing Stands Still (For Enrico Pedrini) English    
Daniel Rothbart: But I'm An American, The Cultural Centre of Belgrade 2011 English Serbian    
Roku, Ise Foundation 2011 English      
Daniel Rothbart: 44, HP Garcia Gallery 2010 English      
SOUNDSTORM, Rogersmitharts The Lab Gallery 2010 English    
Daniel Rothbart: 44, Galerie Christian Depardieu 2010 English French  
Black Madonna, HP Garcia Gallery 2009 English      
Music of the Spheres, Galleria Il Ponte, 2008 English Italian    
OPEN2007, City of Venice English Italian  
Hudson River: Meditation/Mediation,    
Peekskill Project, Hudson Valley    
Center for Contemporary Art, 2006 English    
RISD Biennial, Exit Art 2006    
Les jeux sont faits, rogersmitharts The Lab Gallery 2006 English  
Les jeux sont faits, Galerie Christian Depardieu 2006 English French  
Rogersmitharts The Lab Gallery 2005 English  
The Baruchello Foundation Monograph 2005 (Forthcoming) English Italian  
Andrea Meislin Gallery 2004 English  
Galerie Christian Depardieu 2004 English French  
The Borowsky Gallery Gershman Y 2004 English  
Insight/Oversight, The Herzliya Artist's Residence 2003 English Hebrew  
The Baruchello Foundation 2003 English Italian  
The Space @ Media Triangle 2002 English