The Story of the Phoenix/ La Storia della Fenice by Daniel Rothbart (Naples, Ulisse & Calipso, 1999, $20) is introduced by Richard Milazzo with a meditation on the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy and its many transformations over the centuries. The book covers the Semiotic Street Situations which began in Rome in 1993 with sculptural objects placed in such environments as public markets, streets, and parks. This book involves not the placement of objects in an environment but the scanning of sculptural images and through computer manipulation placing them in images derived primarily from existing film stills. The author also invited artists, writers, and critics to manipulate these digital collages in their own way. For instance, writer Anthony Haden Guest used a collageas the springboard for another creative gesture, painting a cartoon on top of the image. Critic/curator Tom Eccles placed a collage into a bottle and threw it into the East River from which it made its way to sea. And there are artists and critics such as Mike Bidlo, Achille Bonito Oliva, Nicole Klagsbrun, Not Vital, as well as Giuseppe Chiari, Daze, Silvana Stipa and many more. Mike Bidlo plays with Duchamp's sculptures and film stills, and so much more. All black and white full-page illustrations to delight the mind and the eye. A performance documentation.

Hoffberg, Judith A., "The Story of the Phoenix / La Storia della Fenice," Umbrella Review, Vol. 22, no. 4, Santa Monica, December 1999 .